Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Grey Havens

Two adventure packs into the current cycle, and FFG has announced the next deluxe expansion, The Grey Havens, as well as the next cycle, the Dream-chaser cycle.  Having completed our journeys in Angmar, the players are now going to be taken to the ruins of Númenor.  

As would be appropriate for the namesake of this expansion, sailing has been introduced as a new mechanism,  Two ships are spoiled in this article, Dawn Star, and Silver Wing.  It is stated that each player will select a ship for their heroes, or two in a solo game.  Not much has been said about how this will interact, but it appears to be similar to another hero, affecting your starting threat, but also requiring to keep the ship from being destroyed, otherwise you'll be eliminated.

In addition, the promise of additional Noldor synergy has been mentioned to build on what is being introduced in the Angmar Awakened cycle.  We see this in Cirdan the Shipwright, one of the two new heroes for the expansion.  This new hero, boasting strong stats, also gives the ability to draw additional cards during the resource phase, at the cost of having to discard one.  Though we haven't fully seen the Noldor's synergy with the discard pile, we are promised that cards will be introduced to increase in power based on other copies being in the discard, and others which will be effected by the top card of your discard pile. 

The Grey Havens will be released in Q4 of 2015.

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